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permalink Why are my audio and video out of sync?

File a support request. We fix most a/v sync issues, so if one slides through, we want to hear about it.

There are several things that can cause a/v sync issues. We fix most of them (like variable frame rate movies, edit lists, and corrupt metadata). But there are still a few things to watch for.

  • Files with Quicktime edit lists can sometimes end up with a/v sync that slowly gets worse as the file progresses. We've mostly fixed this problem, but a few edge cases might get out of sync. We're working on fixing those edge cases too.
  • Some codecs are known to result in a/v sync issues. At the moment, MSS2 (a Windows codec optimized for screencasts) is one of them. Again, we hope to have this fixed soon.
  • Corrupt files can have problems. We can adapt to some file corruption, but some files are just too corrupt for us to fix.