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permalink How is live usage billed?

Because of the nature of live transcoding, live usage is billed differently than file transcoding.

  • Live transcoding starts at a base rate of $10 per hour. Usage is tracked monthly in minutes and rounded up to the next hour at the end of the billing period.
  • Customers automatically move down the pricing tiers as accumulated monthly usage reaches the next level.
  • Both input and output streams are included when determining hours used. For example, a one hour event encoded in 6 renditions (3 RTMP + 3 HLS) will be charged for 7 hours of encoding (1 input + 6 output).
  • The input stream is billed for the entire length of an event, regardless of whether or not data is being streamed. For example, if event_length is specified as 2 hours with 6 renditions, but only an hour of video is published, the event will be charged as 8 hours (6 outputs for 1 hour and the input for 2).
  • HD input and output renditions (resolutions greater than 1280x720) are billed at a rate of 2x. For example, a one hour HD input stream encoded into one HD output stream will be charged as 4 hours of encoding.
  • Files archived from live streams are billed at file transcoding rates.
  • Each input stream may have a maximum duration of up to 26 hours. The service is not available for 24x7 live streaming.

You can find the pricing tiers and more information on the live pricing page.