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permalink What does an integration library do?

Our integration libraries abstract you from the raw HTTP requests. Using our Ruby library, for instance, you can create a job like this:

Zencoder::Job.create({:input => 's3://bucket/key.mp4',
:outputs => [{:label => 'vp8 for the web',
:url => 's3://bucket/key_output.webm'}]})

Rather than doing something like this:

require 'uri'
require 'json'

response = Net::HTTP.post_form(URI.parse('<%= @api_base_url %>jobs.json'),
  {:input => 's3://bucket/key.mp4',
  :outputs => [{:label => 'vp8 for the web',
  :url => 's3://bucket/key_output.webm'}]}.to_json)

The libraries don't enable any functionality that you don't have when working with the API directly. They just make it a bit easier.