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permalink Resubmit a Job

API V1 Only: POST https://app.zencoder.com/api/jobs/v1/1234/resubmit.json?api_key=asdf1234

PUT https://app.zencoder.com/api/v2/jobs/1234/resubmit.json?api_key=asdf1234


More Information

If a job has failed processing you may request that it be attempted again. This is useful if the job failed to process due to a correctable problem. You may resubmit a job for processing by sending a request (using any HTTP method) to https://app.zencoder.com/api/v2/jobs/1234/resubmit?api_key=93h630j1dsyshjef620qlkavnmzui3. If resubmission succeeds you will receive a 204 No Content response. Only jobs that are not in the “finished” state may be resubmitted. If you attempt to resubmit a “finished” job you will receive a 409 Conflict response.