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Setting Default Description
thumbnails none Capture thumbnails for a given video.
label none A label to identify each set of thumbnail groups.
format png The format of the thumbnail image.
number none A number of thumbnails, evenly-spaced.
start_at_first_frame false Start generating the thumbnails starting at the first frame.
interval none Take thumbnails at an even interval, in seconds.
interval_in_frames none Take thumbnails at an even interval, in frames.
times none An array of times, in seconds, at which to grab a thumbnail.
aspect_mode preserve How to handle a thumbnail width/height that differs from the aspect ratio of the input file.
size none Thumbnail resolution as WxH.
width none The maximum width of the thumbnail (in pixels).
height none The maximum height of the thumbnail (in pixels).
base_url none A base S3, Cloud Files, GCS, FTP, FTPS, or SFTP directory URL where we'll place the thumbnails, without a filename.
prefix frame Prefix for thumbnail filenames.
filename frame Interpolated thumbnail filename.
public false Make the output publicly readable on S3.
access_control none Fine-grained access control rules for files sent to S3.
grantee none Set the grantee for fine-grained S3 access_control permissions.
permission none Set the permission for a grantee when using fine-grained access_control.
rrs false Amazon S3's Reduced Redundancy Storage.
headers none HTTP headers to send with your thumbnails when we upload them.
credentials none References saved credentials by a nickname.
parallel_upload_limit 30 for S3, 10 for all other destinations. The maximum number of simultaneous uploads to attempt.