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Segmented Streaming

Zencoder supports various forms of adaptive and segmented streaming.

Each streaming format uses a different subset of the API options listed below. Refer to the guides for each streaming type for more information.

Setting Default Description
streaming_delivery_format none Sets the format/protocol configuration for a streamable output.
streaming_delivery_profile live Sets the specific profile of a streaming delivery format.
playlist_format none Sets the format for a playlist output.
segment_seconds 10 Sets the maximum duration of each segment in a segmented output.
alternate_audio none Provides a set of alternate audio streams for HLS playlists.
streams none Provides a list of stream info to be reformatted as a playlist
path none Specifies the path to a stream manifest file
bandwidth none Specifies the bandwidth of a playlist stream
resolution none Specifies the resolution of a playlist stream
codecs none Specifies the codecs used in a playlist stream
audio none Specifies an alternate audio track for the playlist.
segment_image_url none An image to display on audio-only segments
segment_video_snapshots false When segmenting a video file into audio-only segments, take snapshots of the video as thumbnails for each segment.
source none Specifies the source media for a playlist stream
max_hls_protocol_version 3 for Live outputs, 5 for sample AES encryption; otherwise, 2. The maximum HLS protocol to use.
hls_protocol_version Automatic according to max_hls_protocol_version setting HLS protocol to use.
hls_optimized_ts true Optimize TS segment files for HTTP Live Streaming on iOS.
prepare_for_segmenting none Include captions and keyframe timing for segmenting.
smil_base_url none Add <meta base="smil_base_url_value"/> to the <head> section of an SMIL playlist.
byte_range_segmenting false Configures HLS segmenting to produce a single output file rather than one file per segment.
generate_keyframe_manifest false Generates an HLS keyframe (I-frame) manifest which is required for fast-forward and reverse playback.
keyframe_manifest_filename iframe_index.m3u8 Override the default filename for the HLS keyframe manifest.
allow_skipped_sources false Ignore sources that are conditional outputs which have been skipped.


  • A job must have at least one standard or segmented output; creating jobs with only playlist outputs will not work.
  • Playlist outputs will ignore most output options, except for url, base_url, filename, streams, public, and type.
  • If a segmented output is uploaded to temporary storage, it will be uploaded as a ZIP archive.