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:Boolean permalink

API Versions: V1, V2

Parents: outputs OR thumbnails

Default: false

Valid Values: true or false

Compatible Job Types: All


By default, files put into a S3 bucket are not publicly readable. Instead, we use the canned access policy of bucket-owner-full-control. This is true even if the bucket itself is publicly readable - a S3 bucket policy is not automatically inherited by new files added to the bucket.

Use the public API setting to flag a file output to S3 as being publicly readable. This is done by granting the READ permission to the AllUsers group.

This setting applies to both output video files and output thumbnails. By default, permissions set on an output file also apply to thumbnails. Setting access_control will override this setting.

An alternative to manual permissions would be to use a bucket policy.

More information from the Amazon S3 docs.

  "input": "s3://zencodertesting/test.mov",
  "outputs": [
      "public": true,
      "thumbnails": {
        "number": 6,
        "public": false
  <outputs type="array">
      <public type="boolean">true</public>
        <number type="integer">6</number>
        <public type="boolean">false</public>