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After a job or an output file is completed, you can find out about it in several ways.

  • We can send a HTTP POST request to your application with the details.
  • We can send an email.
  • You can request your notifications using the Zencoder Fetcher tool. This is useful when you are developing locally and Zencoder can’t reach your development server.
  • You can check the Zencoder Dashboard for job status.
  • You can check job status via a Job show API request.

The first two - outgoing HTTP or email notifications - are triggered by adding notification options to your Job create API request.

Note: Notifications are limited to 5 per output and job. Output notifications do not count towards the job total. Contact us if you need more.

Setting Default Description
notifications none Be notified when a job or output is complete.
url none Be notified when a job or output is complete.
format none A format and content type for notifications.
headers none Headers to pass along on HTTP notifications.
event none The event that triggers a notification. Used for Live HLS outputs.