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:Integer permalink

API Versions: V2

Parent: input

Default: 30

Valid Values: 0-1800

Compatible Job Types: live

Example: 45


The time, in seconds, to wait for a stream to reconnect.

Note: The live stream will remain available for the remainder of event_length or reconnect_time, whichever is greater. You can end a job at any time with a finish API request.

  "live_stream": "true",
  "event_length": 1800,
  "reconnect_time": 120,
  "outputs": [ ... ]

Given this API request, the following scenarios would be true:

  • Disconnect at 15 minutes: Job finishes at 30 minutes
  • Disconnect at 29 minutes: Job finishes at 31 minutes
  • Disconnect at 50 minutes: Job finishes at 52 minutes

  "live_stream": true,
  "reconnect_time": 45
  <live-stream type="boolean">true</live-stream>
  <reconnect-time type="integer">45</reconnect-time>