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:String permalink

API Versions: V1, V2

Valid Values: A valid URL to a media file (HTTP/HTTPS, FTP/FTPS, SFTP, Azure, GCS, CF or S3), with or without authentication

Compatible Job Types: vod


  • http://example.com/path/to/input.avi
  • sftp://user:pass@example.com/path/to/input.mp3
  • s3://my-bucket/video.mp4
  • cf://username:api_key@container/video.wmv
  • cf+uk://username:api_key@container/video.wmv
  • azure://account-name:account-key@container/video.wmv
  • gcs://access_key:secret_key@gcs-bucket/video.mov
  • aspera://user:pass@host:ssh-port/path/to/file.mp4


A URL for the file to be transcoded. If the remote server requires authentication, you must include your username and password in the input URL string.

If the URL contains authentication with special characters, make sure that they are properly escaped. Special characters in the path should not need to be escaped.

Notes on S3:

You must grant write permissions to Zencoder on the output bucket before submitting a job to Zencoder. Please note that it is the S3 bucket, and not the S3 "path" which needs write permission. For example, an asset at http://s3.amazonaws.com/my_files/0000/video.mp4 needs write access added to "my_files" (the bucket name), not "my_files/0000" (the path).

To create keys containing special characters that are not valid in URLs (? or #), you must URL encode them (%3F and %23, respectively). No other characters need to be URL encoded.

Notes on Azure:

If the URL contains authentication with special characters, make sure that they are properly escaped.

Notes on Google Cloud Storage:

GCS access keys can be found under the "Interoperable Access" section in the Google APIs console. Access keys must be properly escaped.

Notes on Aspera:

The ssh-port portion of the URL is not required, and will default to 22.

Zencoder runs an Aspera Client on the video encoding servers, which connects to your Aspera Enterprise or Connect Server, which hosts the files.

This is a similar situation to you running an FTP server to make your files available and Zencoder using an FTP client for file transfer.

  "input": "http://example.com/path/to/input.avi"