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Setting Default Description
api_key none The API key for your Zencoder account.
input none An HTTP, S3, Cloud Files, GCS, FTP, FTPS, SFTP, Azure, or Aspera URL where we can download file to transcode.
live_stream false Create a Live streaming job.
outputs none An array or hash of output settings.
region us The region where a file is processed: US, Europe, Asia, or Australia.
test false Enable test mode ("Integration Mode") for a job.
private false Enable privacy mode for a job.
download_connections 5 Utilize multiple, simultaneous connections for download acceleration (in some circumstances).
pass_through none Optional information to store alongside this job.
mock false Send a mocked job request.
grouping none A report grouping for this job.
aspera_transfer_policy fair How to allocate available bandwidth for Aspera file transfers.
transfer_minimum_rate 1000 A targeted rate in Kbps for data transfer minimums.
transfer_maximum_rate 250000 A targeted rate in Kbps for data transfer maximums.
expected_md5_checksum none The expected checksum of the input file.
credentials none References saved credentials by a nickname.