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:String permalink

API Versions: V1, V2

Parent: outputs

Valid Values: film, animation, grain, psnr, ssim, fastdecode, or zerolatency

Compatible Job Types: All

Example: film


Tune the output video to optimize for a specific content type, or a specific encoding priority.

Behind the scenes, this sets the x264 --tune option.

Possible values:

  • film - optimized for most non-animated video content (not only feature films).
  • animation - optimized for animation. Note that most 3D animation behaves more like film and not like hand-drawn animation, so only use this for hand-drawn animation (anime, classic Disney, etc.).
  • grain - optimized for film with high levels of grain.
  • psnr - uses "peak signal-to-noise ratio" to optimize video quality.
  • ssim - uses "structural similarity" to optimize video quality.
  • fastdecode - reduces encoding complexity, to allow for easier decoding.
  • zerolatency - x264 will keep an internal buffer of frames to improve quality; this setting removes that buffer, but reduces quality.
  "input": "s3://zencodertesting/test.mov",
  "outputs": [
      "tuning": "film"
  <outputs type="array">