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Zencoder now supports processing encrypted media files using the “encryption at rest” paradigm; we retrieve the encrypted files from your server, and only decrypt them while processing. The decrypted version of the file is removed immediately after processing, keeping your data secure.

We support both AES-128 and AES-256 encrypted files in CBC and CTR modes. Decryption parameters must be included with your job request. Decryption is enabled when either a decryption_key or decryption_key_url is specified.

Setting Default Description
decryption_method aes-128-cbc (if decryption_key or decryption_key_url are set) Set the decryption algorithm to use.
decryption_key none Set the decryption key to use.
decryption_key_url none The URL of a decryption key file to use.
decryption_password none The password used in combination with the key to decrypt the input file.